Tamlin Hall

Award-winning writer and filmmaker, Tamlin Hall is the writer/director of "Holden On" and the founder of IAMHOLDENON. 

A coveted HUMANITAS Prize winner for television writing (www.humanitasprize.org), Hall received his MFA in screenwriting from UCLA. Prior to UCLA, Hall trained as an actor at The School At Steppenwolf inside the world renowned Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. Hall used his acting and writing experience to direct his first feature film, "Holden On." The film premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival, winning the Audience Award for Best Feature. The film continued to garner high acclaim from both critics and audiences, winning awards at major film festivals across the country, including two Best Director Awards and a Jury Prize for Outstanding Social Impact Filmmaking. 

"Holden On" is based on Hall's childhood friend, Holden Layfield. While doing research for the film, Hall discovered drawings Holden's sister created for Holden after his schizophrenia/dual diagnosis. Her drawings would spark Hall's vision to ultimately create the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, IAMHOLDENON, a diversified Arts, Education and Humanities initiative for youth to discuss mental health and help prevent suicide. 

Hall is currently co-writing a film adaptation of a #1 New York Times bestseller, A Child Called "It", for the Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated impact production company, FOR GOOD. The triumphant and extraordinary story of one child's unyielding courage to survive has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. 


  • Atlanta Film Festival - Best Feature Audience Award 
  • Breckenridge Film Festival - Best Director & Best Actor Awards
  • Dances With Films - Best Feature Audience Award
  • Macon Film Festival - Best Feature Audience Award
  • Orlando Film Festival - Best Director Award
  • South Bay Film & Music Festival - Grand Jury Prize Outstanding Social Impact Filmmaking
  • Woodstock Film Festival - Ultra Indie Award (Nominated)

30 for 30 #KEEPHOLDENONTOUR 2018! 

The #keepholdenontour will take place during Mental Health Awareness month in May, 2018. IAMHOLDENON team members will be touring the country on a nationwide Movie + Art Initiative tour. 30 screenings in 30 days! 

For screening and sponsorship inquiries, please use the contact info below. 

Keep sharing. Keep believing. Keep Holden On!